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Welcome to Tulu Florals, your premier destination for exquisite preserved roses in Qatar. Our carefully curated collection showcases the timeless beauty of preserved roses, perfect for expressing everlasting love and appreciation.

Discover the allure of preserved roses that retain their natural beauty for years. Crafted to perfection, our preserved roses undergo a meticulous preservation process, ensuring vibrant colors and a velvety texture that lasts. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply want to convey your sentiments, our preserved roses are an enduring symbol of elegance.

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Charming Roses

QAR 400,00
If you really want to impress someone or just love roses

Outstanding Preserved Rose Flowers

QAR 350,00
A preserved flower is also called an"immortalized flower", "naturalized flower" or"eternal flower"

Elegant Blue ROSES

QAR 350,00
Preserved real roses with colorful ,eternal rose,never withered flowers

Long Lasting Beauty

QAR 250,00
Our Enchanted Rose Domes are Eye-catching, unusual and breathtakingly elegant It's the best gift for anyone that loves a little bit of magic Encased in a high-quality glass ...

Forever Roses

QAR 250,00
This beautiful rose is a classic example of 'Timeless & Eternal Love'.

White Forever Rose

QAR 300,00
An elegant and unique gift made of preserved rose and silk flowers for your special moments.


QAR 300,00
Preserved fresh flower is different from natural flowers as they are like their name: keep fresh, not dying like a real flower in a few days.

Beautiful Preserved Rose Flower

QAR 180,00
 It is like a piece of your heart, which is with them for eternity.

Rose in Glass Dome

QAR 250,00
The special appeal of these roses will delight your lover with their mystic and elegance.

Purple Forever Rose In Glass Dome

QAR 300,00
A Forever Rose signifies your unending love for your special someone. It is like a piece of your heart, which is with them for eternity.
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