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Welcome to Tulu Florals, your destination for creating unforgettable moments on birthdays in Qatar. Immerse your celebrations in the vibrant hues and fragrant blooms of our carefully curated fresh flowers. Elevate the joy of birthdays with the beauty and elegance of Tulu Florals.
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    Royal Valvet Tulips

    QAR 175.00
    Each tulip is like a jewel, with its smooth petals unfurling gracefully to reveal a stunning depth of color. The royal purple hue adds a sense of opulence and grandeur...

    Black Valvet Tulips

    QAR 150.00
    Each tulip boasts velvety petals in a rich shade of black, create a striking visual impact, commanding attention with their dark beauty.

    Blue-Moon Bouquet

    QAR 75.00
    Exquisite dark blue roses paired with delicate white hypericum, beautifully presented in crisp white wrapping for a timeless floral arrangement.

    White Velvet Eustoma

    QAR 199.00
    Our sophisticated arrangement features 15 stems of pristine Pink Eustoma, accented with green eucalyptus fillers, all wrapped in a chic white paper with Pink Ribbon. This bouquet is a statement...

    Wax Pink Harmony

    QAR 249.00
    A sophisticated bouquet featuring 20 pink wax flowers, elegantly accented by 3 pristine white anthuriums. Beautifully arranged in luxurious velvet wrapping and tied with a white ribbon, this arrangement exudes...

    Tulip Dream in Pink

    QAR 299.00
    A delightful arrangement of 30 mixed pink and white Tulips, beautifully supported by fresh green lepidium. Nestled in a charming pink paper box, this bouquet exudes grace and sophistication, perfect...

    Elegant Red Bliss

    QAR 199.00
    Experience timeless elegance with our Elegant Red Bliss. Featuring 20 vibrant Red Baby Roses and fresh green eucalyptus, this bouquet is wrapped in pristine white paper and finished with a...

    Pure Pink Romance

    QAR 199.00
    Add a touch of elegance to your day with our Pure Pink Romance. Featuring 20 pure pink Baby Roses and delicate pink wax flowers and touch of Eucalyptus, this bouquet...

    Pure Elegance Square

    QAR 199.00
    Our Pure Elegance Square combines the elegance of 5 creamy white Roses, 5 baby white roses, and touches of white Gerbera, matthiola, and spray chrysanthemums. Accented with eucalyptus and beautifully...

    Pink and White Blossom Basket

    QAR 199.00
    Embrace the beauty of the Pink and White Blossom Basket. With 8 white Roses, 5 pink Eustoma, and 8 pink and white baby roses, complemented by white and pink fillers...

    Lush Green and Gold Display

    QAR 399.00
    Our Lush Green and Gold Display combines the radiant beauty of 24 Golden Yellow Roses with the unique elegance of 7 green Asiatic Anthuriums. Enhanced with green bell, eucalyptus, and...

    Ivory Bliss in Square Vase

    QAR 149.00
    Delight in the timeless elegance of the Ivory Bliss in 15 by 15 cm Square Vase. This beautiful arrangement features 12 creamy White Roses, complemented by Baby Roses white and...

    Garden Oasis in Blue Paper Box

    QAR 299.00
    Our Garden Oasis in Paper Box combines the elegance of 4 light blue hydrangeas, 10 white baby roses, a white lily, and green bell with eucalyptus. Nestled in a charming...

    Elegant Ruby Charm

    QAR 149.00
    A bouquet of 16 radiant red roses, adorned with green solidago and wrapped in a sleek black ribbon. This arrangement is a perfect blend of elegance and charm, ideal for...

    Classic Red Bloom in Cylinder

    QAR 299.00
    The Classic Red Bloom in Cylinder arrangement is a stunning combination of 20 Red roses, golden eucalyptus, and white berries. Displayed in a sleek cylinder vase, it’s a bouquet that...

    Blushing Beauty in Crystal

    QAR 399.00
    A stunning arrangement featuring 24 Pink Roses, 10 Gerberas, and 20 Carnations, all beautifully accented with eucalyptus. Presented in a crystal vase, this bouquet is a true expression of elegance...

    Black Velvet Sunflower

    QAR 199.00
    Add a touch of elegance to your day with the Black Velvet Sunflower bouquet. Featuring 10 golden sunflowers and 5 yellow baby roses with solidago fillers, all wrapped in sleek...

    Black Velvet Roses

    QAR 199.00
    Experience passion and elegance with our bouquet of 24 Red Roses, accented with fresh green Lepidium and beautifully wrapped in sleek black. This stunning arrangement is perfect for making a...
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