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Welcome to Tulu Florals, your go-to destination for fresh flowers that elevate your home decor in Qatar. Immerse your living space in the natural beauty and fragrant allure of our carefully curated collection of fresh blooms.

Transform your living spaces into a haven of freshness and elegance with Tulu Florals. Whether you're sprucing up your own home or surprising a loved one, our fresh flowers are the perfect choice.

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    Baby Love

    QAR 300,00
    You’ll never fall short of a selection of your favorite baby roses. Get them in lavender, blush pink, purplish-pink and creamy white.

    Cherry Red

    QAR 350,00
    A lovely bunch of rich deep red spray roses on our glass vase.


    QAR 500,00
    There are impressive beautiful imitations of natural flowers to use for a pop of color.


    QAR 400,00
    Your favorite white garden roses bunched on a classy glass vase.


    QAR 400,00
    It’s love at first sight for this charming Blooms.

    Elegant Beauty

    QAR 450,00
    Flowers are a simple but elegant decor element that never goes out of style.Flowers are a simple but elegant decor element that never goes out of style.

    Forever In Love

    QAR 300,00
    Set a romantic flair to your home with these lovely red special spray roses presented on our stunning vase.


    QAR 300,00
    This is like heaven by your side. Enjoy the prettiness of purple.

    Glowing Stars

    QAR 300,00
    Need some pick me up? Get this mood lifter flower perfect to cheer you up!

    Gorgeous Bunch

    QAR 300,00
    Designed to grab the eye, this arrangement is sure to win hearts.


    QAR 450,00
    Bring happiness into your home and office with this artistically arranged flower arrangement

    Happy moments

    QAR 450,00
     Flower decoration is an easy and affordable way to set that atmosphere.


    QAR 250,00
    This arrangement will make your space looking prettier.

    Love Romance

    QAR 450,00
    This arrangement is made with love sure to melt your hearts.

    Luscious Garlands

    QAR 550,00
    Spruce up your home or venue with our vibrant array of artificial flowers

    Magical piece

    QAR 450,00
    Not only florals embellish the place, but they bring healthy energy, too. 

    Majestic Flowers

    QAR 550,00
    The recipe to create a lovely and inviting living room is to add different decorative details around the place.

    Natural Beauty

    QAR 450,00
    It is a quite long and beautiful fresh flower arrangement for your loved one at her/his Birthday, Anniversary and Missing You event.
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