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Our Blogs

Flower delivery services have now become more accessible.

Flowers are a gift from nature to us! We humans are also a part of nature and connect to plants and flowers more deeply than we can imagine. For years, we humans have used flowers as a communication medium to express our thoughts and feelings that we cannot describe or define with the mere use of words. The presence of flowers in our homes, special occasions or events elevates the mood of an entire room and creates a lasting impression on those important to you. The benefits of flowers are endless, and they are a perfect gift, release tension and anxiety, are used for medicines, filters, air, are a spiritual symbol and many more. If you're looking for flowers delivery in Doha, Qatar, we know just the right place! Tulu Florals.


Tulu Florals is the leading florist company in Qatar that has been serving the flower industry for over 15 years. We are a premium florist brand that offers flower decorations, flower arrangements, and flower delivery services at affordable rates to make it as accessible as possible. We source top-quality flowers from the best supplier spread across the world, ethically and sustainably, without damaging or harming the environment. You can order our flower services online or at our store. We offer services ranging from;

  • Fresh roses 
  • Long-life roses 
  • Premium bouquets 
  • Signature designs 
  • Premium order plants 
  • Dried flowers 
  • Artificial flowers 
  • Gifts and many more


So, if you ever need flowers for decorating your interiors, flowers for corporate events or special occasions, you know whom to get in touch with. Our artisans make the best bouquets and flowers arrangements that are enough to sweep anyone off of their feet. We transform and make moments better and memorable. Our team provides you with quicker and better flower services that are not limited to just the geographical boundaries of Qatar. 

We also serve our clients in GCC countries through our partner and sister companies. The quality of our flowers is maintained throughout. This is achieved by - continuous learning, proper guidelines and compulsory assessments at every stage so that no flower is defective. We, as a flower services provider, care about your occasions just as much as you do. Tulu Florals promise to let no dull moment pass when we are here with unique and exotic flowers. We hope you never feel lost while looking for flower suppliers in Qatar, and there is only one name in your mind - Tulu Florals! 

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