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Our Blogs

Make your Venue more Special through flower decoration from Tulu Florals

Flowers are indispensable in every celebration. Flowers can elevate and transform moods, events, and occasions. They add beauty wherever they are put and prove to be an easy way to decorate any space for any occasion and make it memorable. An event feels incomplete without attractive flowers included in the decoration. The flowers are of a wide variety, and each one of them has its meaning and representation. They are all used at different moments and occasions. So, one must know which kind of flowers suit an event as flower arrangements can make or break the look and beauty of the event. So, if you are looking for a service that offers corporate event decoration, then we have just what you need, Tulu Flowers. 

Tulu Florals, the number one leading flower boutique in Qatar. As a company, we do not treat flowers as a product and florists as a business; for us, it is all about passion and love for flowers. We offer flowers with unique colors, exclusive collection, freshness, quality, and longevity with the help of our sources all over the world. We offer a complete range of fresh, long-life, premium bouquets, signature designs, premium orchid plants, artificial flowers, dried flowers, gifts, etc. Apart from flower arrangements we also offer event and wedding decors. Our skilled craftsmen can transform any venue into a great ambiance. 

Our bespoke floral wedding arrangements are always stunning and leave a forever lasting impression for any event, wedding, or corporate event. For home decor, our clients can also join our flower subscription to customize their flowers as per their needs and selection. We have experience of over 15 years in the flowers and flower decoration industry who are passionate about delivering more than what you are expecting every time. 


Why choose Tulu Florals as your corporate Event Decorator?

  • Our services are not limited to Qatar, and we also offer our services to all the clients around the GCC through our partner companies 
  • We provide quality assurance 
  • Our code of ethics makes us committed to providing the highest quality products and flower designing services 
  • We take the safety of our employees, visitors, and clients very seriously, and we follow our HSE policies at all times

We offer the best flower decorations in the country, and at the same time, we make sure our environmental and social responsibilities are being taken care of. Proper guidance, assessment at every stage, and continuous learning are the key factors of our consistent quality. So, think Tulu Florals whenever you think of flower decoration for events or dried flowers in Qatar

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