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Welcome to Tulu Florals, where we redefine the art of gifting with our exclusive collection of fresh flowers designed specifically for him in Qatar. Discover a thoughtful way to express admiration, celebrate achievements, or simply show your appreciation with our carefully curated selection of blooms tailored to suit his taste.
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    Pink Daisy Delight

    QAR 125.00
    Wrapped in a light pink ribbon that complements the flowers beautifully, the Pink Daisy Delight bouquet is a sweet and enchanting gift for any occasion.

    Mini Fuchsia Charm

    QAR 125.00
    The Mini Fuchsia Charm bouquet is a burst of vibrant energy and playful elegance. Featuring a captivating array of bright 12 stem fuchsia roses with fillers.

    Golden Rose Bouquet

    QAR 175.00
    Accentuating 15 stem golden yellow roses are lush green fillers, which provide a beautiful contrast and enhance the bouquet's natural beauty. These green fillers add texture and depth, creating a visually...

    Fuchsia Charm

    QAR 137.50
    Accented with touches of lush greenery, the Fuchsia Charm bouquet radiates freshness and vitality. Wrapped in a coordinating ribbon, it exudes a sense of youthful charm and whimsy.

    Elegance Noir

    QAR 112.50
    This bouquet features a captivating blend of deep, rich blooms, predominantly in shades of velvety black and dark burgundy, interspersed with accents of elegant foliage.

    Baby Blush Blossoms

    QAR 100.00
    A delicate arrangement of fresh flowers, featuring exquisite light pink baby roses delicately nestled within a bed of lush green foliage.

    Blue Reflections

    QAR 200.00
    Exquisite dark blue roses arranged in a stunning vase, bringing elegance to any setting.

    Mini Orchids Elegance

    QAR 150.00
    Introducing our mini white orchids plant—perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any office desk or space. With its petite size and delicate blooms, this plant brings a sense...

    Brown Garden

    QAR 250.00
    Indulge in a bouquet of serene beauty with our enchanting arrangement featuring lavender and white Color-roses, baby roses, Gerbera, Anthurium, and Wax fillers, all elegantly displayed in a rich brown...

    White Blooms

    QAR 250.00
    Embrace pure elegance with our exquisite arrangement of delicate roses, baby roses, hydrangea, and lush fillers nestled in a pristine white acrylic box. Perfect for adding a touch of sophistication...

    MidNight Blooms

    QAR 250.00
    Experience the warmth of a radiant sunset with our captivating arrangement of vibrant orange, peach, and yellow flowers, accented with lush green fillers, elegantly presented in a sleek black acrylic...

    Blushing Tulips Pink

    QAR 325.00
    Delicate light pink tulips beautifully wrapped and arranged in a charming vase.

    Baby Rose Petal Perfection

    QAR 100.00
    Adorable baby roses artfully arranged in a medium vase, perfect for adding a touch of charm to any space.

    Baby Pink Cylinder

    QAR 200.00
    24 stem Pink roses elegantly arranged in a 12*30CM tall cylinder vase, creating a stunning floral centerpiece.

    My Heart for You

    QAR 300.00
    Like drops of blood from a passionate heart, each rose tells a story of Love's fervent embrace.

    Love Red Basket

    QAR 150.00
    Share the magic of love with our Red Rose Basket, and let your emotions blossom.

    Serenity Mix

    QAR 275.00
    Elegant blend of roses, hydrangeas, and fillers presented in a chic round blue box, perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to any occasion.

    Vibrant Velvet Bag

    QAR 275.00
    Experience opulence with 30 deep purple roses, paired with purple eustoma and fillers, elegantly packaged in our iconic branded bag.
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