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Welcome to Tulu Florals, your go-to destination for fresh flowers that elevate your home decor in Qatar. Immerse your living space in the natural beauty and fragrant allure of our carefully curated collection of fresh blooms.

Transform your living spaces into a haven of freshness and elegance with Tulu Florals. Whether you're sprucing up your own home or surprising a loved one, our fresh flowers are the perfect choice.

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    Magical piece

    QAR 450,00
    Not only florals embellish the place, but they bring healthy energy, too. 

    Majestic Flowers

    QAR 550,00
    The recipe to create a lovely and inviting living room is to add different decorative details around the place.

    Natural Beauty

    QAR 450,00
    It is a quite long and beautiful fresh flower arrangement for your loved one at her/his Birthday, Anniversary and Missing You event.

    Pretty Blooms

    QAR 300,00
    This beauty is a favorite. The right blooms and colors that complement perfectly well.

    Pure white

    QAR 300,00
     The result is an exquisite centerpiece of natural beauty with a wonderful heady scent.

    Purple Ocean

    QAR 500,00
    Purple is an extremely popular flower color,Vases and other presentation materials are also subject to availability.

    Red Theme Decor

    QAR 500,00
    Decorate with real blooms to cheer up your living room and let their aroma set an enjoyable atmosphere. 

    Rustic Protea

    QAR 350,00
    This stunning arrangement is composed of dried & preserved flowers like protea, rice flower,  phalaris, eryngium, lagurus, and Italian rascus. This amazing dried flower bouquet will surely delight your loved ones on their special occasion. 

    Simply Yours

    QAR 300,00
    Being in love is the greatest feeling of all. 

    So Stunning

    QAR 300,00
    These gorgeous red roses will take your breath away!


    QAR 300,00
    Simple yet sophisticated blooms on a pretty glass vase.


    QAR 350,00
    You can’t deny this creation made your heart skip a beat.

    Super Stunning

    QAR 450,00
    It’s undeniable that fresh flowers bring life and delight to a room.


    QAR 500,00
    A stunning Vase arrangement  suitable for all occasions.


    QAR 550,00
    Consider where you want to place the flowers to determine the right ones for your lounge.

    White blooms

    QAR 300,00
    You will love this magnificent rose spray special misty bubbles
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